NanoMine: an Online Platform of Material Genome Prediction for Polymer Nanocomposites

Materials science is founded on the processing-structure-properties (p-s-p) paradigm. Understanding of mechanisms have built up over decades leading to a rich tapestry of knowledge which is used to select and design materials for applications. Unlike metallic alloy systems where databases and predictive tools have been built to up and can enable more rapid materials design, the polymer nanocomposite data/design space is considerably less developed due to the heterogeneity of constituent combinations as well as complexity in polymer and interphase behavior.

Because of the complex mechanisms involved in nanocomposite formation and response, and the isolation of data sets from each other, both the fundamental understanding and the discovery of new nanocomposites is Edisonian and excruciatingly slow. We address this issue by creation of a living, open-source data resource for nanocomposites. Design and data mininig principles are also implemented in the form of module tools into this system along with microstructure characterization and simulations to fill in the missing gaps of data. Existing literature data on nanocomposites are being curated and archived into developed database framework, with customized searching and exploration features available to survey the existing materials in the database and extract data for design purposes.

The database infrastructure of NanoMine utilizes the Material Data Curator developed at NIST under the grand objective of Material Genome Initiative. Data structure of nanocomposite material data, or schema template, is developed and implemented into the Material Data Curator to archive and curate literature data. Front end features of the NanoMine system is currently being developed at our lab.

You can access the prototype at link. To request access, submit an Request for Account and email nanominenu at gmail dot com with your requested account username.

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Active Researcher on the Project:

Yixing Wang

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